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Dry Kilns

We are partnered with Brunner Hildebrand, a world leader in Kiln Technology, to bring you full turnkey solutions to your Dry Kilns needs, so whether your project is big or small we cover them all. 

What we provide for you:
  • Engineering & Permits

  • Foundations

  • Supply of Kilns and Equipment

  • On-site Kiln Installation

  • Parts & Service

  • Start-Up Commissioning


Hildebrand-Brunner products meet International Plant Protection Convention requirements, meaning they fulfill all sanitary and phytosanitary measures as set by the IPPC. The company manufactures a wide range of kilns, including heat treatment kilns, continuous kilns, and specialized kilns for unique materials.


Hildebrand-Brunner has also created a new energy-saving system known as Hildebrand HTT. This package kiln innovation manages air flow to maintain wood quality, all while encouraging moisture evaporation. Hildebrand HTT ensures uniform final

moisture distribution and a reduction in electrical energy consumption. All of the kilns made by Hildebrand-Brunner are composed of aluminum or stainless steel, meaning they have high levels of insulation. In combination with climate, heat, and venting systems, they all boast energy-efficient drying times. Customers who want to purchase a Hildebrand-Brunner kiln through BEP Engineering will enjoy the ability to customize their product according to the heating mediums they desire. Some of the kilns available include Conventional Kilns, High Temperature Kilns, and Progressive Kilns.


Types of Dry Kilns
  • Continuous Flow Through

  • Batch

  • Conventional

  • Progressive


Sizes of Dry Kilns
  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

The BEP and Brunner Guarantee:
  • Consumable Wood Drying Kilns spare parts are stored at BEP’s storage facility in Surrey, BC in a secure, dust free and temperature controlled environment.

  • A BEP Technician is available 24 hrs a day for any inquiries pertaining to warranty claims, repairs and spare parts.

  • Service Technicians shall be provided by Hildebrand Brunner and can be on-site within 24 hrs from the time the service inquiry is made.

  • Hildebrand’s controls systems alerts our head office of any warnings in real time.


Applications for Dry Kilns:
  • Timber

  • Hardwood

  • Softwood

  • 2x Lumber

  • 1x Lumber

  • Paper Products

  • Polymer concrete pipes

  • Cement boards

  • Coated plates

  • Plastics

  • Molds


Call today for a free quote - 604-575-3322
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