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Air Barriers

Energy Saving Air Barriers – Prevent Harsh Winters from Affecting Your Business

BEP Engineering Services Ltd. is proud to be the Master Distributor of “ENERSHIELD” Energy Saving Air Barriers. “ENERSHIELD” Air Barriers are manufactured in Alberta to the most durable standards in the industry and specifically designed to keep harsh Canadian winters at bay.

Why would you want effective air barriers for your building? There are various reasons why using effective air barriers will positively affect how your business runs. This plant modernization solution includes:

  • Provides a safer, more comfortable work area for employees and other persons using the facility

  • Save on energy costs by keeping the heat in and the cold out

  • Prevent harmful contaminants from entering the building

  • Reduce wear and tear on doors and associated costs while providing clear, unobstructed doorways

  • Less heating system maintenance

  • Boot productivity by maintaining consistent temperatures

  • Energy Savings Analysis concludes that return on investment = 2 year average R.O.I.

  • Attractive lease financing options available


The reason why we distribute only Enershield Air Barriers is because of the quality.

The advantages of Enershield Air Barriers:

  • CSA Canadian Certified Manufacturing facility of the highest quality.

  • Galvanized Steel frame construction and sheet metal jacket provide a rigid, corrosion resistant unit to withstand even the harshest environments.

  • Acoustic insulation allows for quiet operation.

  • Uniform and consistent spacing of blowers, external motor placement on larger units along with patented unique diffuser gives the required laminar air flow to efficiently seal the door.

  • Telescopic sliders and provided wall brackets allow for ease of install.

  • Control panel incorporating soft starter and photo cell door switch allow for automatic activation upon door opening.

  • Custom manufacturer, we do not warehouse our products, each order is designed and customized for your application.



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