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Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Supplying High Quality Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

BEP Industries Ltd. is capable of providing pre-engineered metal buildings that suit a specific need for various clients. We represent JDG Steel Building Systems through JDG Construction, United Global, Warwick Industries, and Allied Buildings for the supply of pre-engineered buildings. Creating a Floor Plan has never been easier when you work with our professionals.


Want to maximize the floor usage in your building? No problem. We work to tailor the design of your building until it meets and exceeds your expectations. It is our duty to bring together a collaboration of professionals to create the highest quality building solution for our clients.

We can also handle your plan, design, and certification needs. Such things as footing design or

slab design all lie within our expertise. Also, we are able to supply you with a bridge crane for your building. The main advantage for coming to us is when we design a building for you we bring a mechanical perspective that building suppliers don’t bring. We consider all the variable and moving parts so that you maximize your production efficiency if your building is used to house equipment.


It's easy to get a development permit or to get your project financed. You can use your floor plan or site plan in order to fulfill these tasks. Furthermore, we can assist our clients by developing concrete designs and other development associated with multiple disciplines of engineering required to complete building permits.


What Can Pre-Engineered Buildings Do For You?

A Pre-Engineered building has tons of advantages we believe you’ll find beneficial should you choose to use this service.

  1. Design Flexibility: Today’s pre-engineered buildings can be used with, or in combination with, traditional buildings.

  2. Operating Costs: The cost to operate and maintain a pre-engineered building is among the lowest in the industry.

  3. Wide Usage: Metal buildings are capable of handling storage, distribution facilities, sophisticated structures and more.

  4. Low Cost: Instead of taking weeks to construct a design, ABC uses computer software to cut design time down to a matter of a few days.

  5. Insurance Savings: Metal buildings have lower premiums than their wood counterparts.

  6. Compared to Tilt-Up Buildings: The price of metal buildings is ½ to 2/3 the price of tilt-up buildings.

  7. Movable Assets: A pre-engineered building can be taken with you when you move or it can be sold to a third party.

Providing only the highest quality buildings to our clients is necessary to build successful relationships that last a lifetime.

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