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Batch Kilns

Over the past few years there has been an emphasis on improving the energy efficiency of kilns.  The standard design for Brunner-Hildebrand package kilns is called the GreenKilns.   These kilns can be designed to suit heat source and package dimensions.  Kiln capacities range from 10,000 to over 100,000 bf. 


GreenKiln Design: (energy savings between 12-15%)

The GreenKiln concept is an energy efficiency feature with secondary benefits.  Concept involves 2 kilns or more up to a battery of 5 kilns.  System is designed to manage energy demand between the kilns.  This is conducted via a specialized duct system in the overhead plenum area of the kiln that contains sensors and cross-flow fans.  For example, assume kiln no. 1 calls for heat, instead of drawing from the boiler or gas burner, available energy is transferred automatically through the interconnecting duct system from the next kiln (kiln no. 4) that has available energy and demand is reduced.  System is completely automated and continuously monitors each kiln to determine where excess or waste heat could be used more effectively.  This of course depends on the kiln’s schedule status i.e. heat-up mode, drying, etc.  When an operation has mixed

species such as oak and maple, a kiln drying oak would not be transferring energy (with the tannic volatiles) to a kiln drying a “clear” species such as maple.  The control system is designed to avoid transfer of VOCs to a kiln that can alter colour.  Vent heat recovery systems are used for kilns that are dedicated for species that release tannic volatiles.  We can also add vent heat recovery on all kilns to further maximize energy efficiency.


Below is a summary of the GreenKiln benefits:


  • Automated kiln energy management (positively impacts boiler demand)

  • Lower power consumption

  • Better drying quality – excellent MC distribution

  • Lower noise (due to reduction in venting)

  • Shorter drying times – higher KD production

  • Less spray requirements (humidity is also transferred from other kilns)

  • Very efficient during kiln heat-up phase

  • Reduce peak demand from boiler


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